About us

We are a south based events company who strive to make every event we work on, the best it can be! Our promise to you, is that our team will never stop providing you with 100% satisfaction.

By having a hugely experienced & friendly team that are reliable and priced to compete ‘Portsmouth Scene’ can provide any event with support. we stock and contract stages, p.a systems, lighting, a.v systems, crew, event management and also entertainment to cover any size & type of event. We pride ourselves on the end product, so we promise to work as closely as necessary to produce a high-end event fulfilling needs of all types of client with any size budget.

All equipment we use is high quality & industry leading. Our engineers have worked in some of Englands biggest and best venues, with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as well as events for some of Britain’s leading businesses.
By using all of the above, this means we can also organise high quality events of our own. we plan on helping build a better cultural & entertaining life within the south coast, working with acts from all over the country and drawing large crowds from all over the south coast! Whether they be family friendly & free or targeted ticketed events if you want to see what we’re up to next, go to our events page!
We also have a huge love for music. We want to be part of helping artists grow out of the south coast by giving artists the chance to play at many events we organise and at some of the souths most iconic music venues! if you’d like the chance to come and play please contact us!